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About us

Birk is an organic yerba mate company started by two college athletes at the University of Colorado Boulder. Our delicious drink is sourced from the countryside of Argentina and provides you with the natural energy needed to #FuelYourDreams.


Our Why

At Birk, our mission is to #FuelYourDreams. We are building a community for athletes, artists, activists, and creatives to support the world's most passionate people. We believe every individual has an ambition unique to them and the world becomes a better place when they have the opportunity to follow their dreams.

Meet the dream team


Alex Birkner

Founder & CEO


Bobby Ryan

FOunder and CMO


Alejandro Paredes

VP of Marketing


Evan Wang

Content creator

Our story

Our founders sat down with Kieran Murphy from the Dream Diaries Podcast to talk about the creation of Birk and how they seek to fuel the dreams of the most passionate people through their organic yerba mate.

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